Corporate and Private Events


- Private settings where the simulators are reserved for your group only

- Includes professional performance driving education

- Our 5-star staff will ensure that everyone in the group has fun and enjoys a pressure free experience

- The driving experience can be customized from cruising in supercars to racing formula 1

- Spectators lounge included, where you can relax and watch the live action on our 70” monitor

- Ask us about our free trials if you are still not sure Simwerks is a good fit for you

- Snacks included (non-alcohol drinks, chips, chocolate bars)


Group Size

Experience Length

Individual Driving Time

Cost (plus hst)

4 to 8

90 minutes

60 minutes


9 to 16

150 minutes

45 minutes


17 to 32

210 minutes

45 minutes



*Catering and Alcohol options can be customized, please contact us for more information. 

Simwerks Experience